Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yesterday our high temp reached 70º. It was sunny ALL day and it was wonderful! I would like all my days to be like that......seemed so calming and relaxing and refreshing. I spent a lot of time outside watching my four-legged fur child romp and smell everything that the melting snow uncovered. She seemed to have a really good time......and she slept good last night too!

Hubby's truck has now developed a leak in the radiator so he has taken my car again today. He is bringing a new radiator for his truck home tonight and hopefully he will get it fixed and I will have my car back tomorrow. I didn't have anywhere to go today anyway, so it is no big deal!

Things on the home front are a little tense.....youngest son came home Saturday night to stay with us for a time due to a nasty domestic situation. His significant other thinks that gives her free reign to call here whenever she wishes and yell at him loud enough for us to also be able to hear. I think I will just turn the ringers off after 8:30 PM every night, so we don't have to listen to it. Most people we know don't call us after 7 or so anyway. I really wish she would move to another country! And that's being nice!!!!


Janet C. said...


Sorry your son is having problems. It hurts so much to see our children suffer. Mine at the moment seems very happy and content. That is my number one life wish. Boy does it feel good for me for him to be happy for once.

Anonymous said...

That's rough when you are in a relationship like your son's. I hope she develops kinder manners for his sake and your's.

Yesterday was gorgeous! It was hot too. But, Saturday's high will only be in the mid 50's and that will be a shock to the system after getting used to 70's and 80's temps.


Smalltown RN said...

Sorry to hear about your sons problems. Urgh...spouses, ex's and the like can make life so miserable....hope things work out one way or the other.

Now as far as that weather goes...we too had a glorious day on Wednesday and we spent it out in the back fourty cutting and clearing.

Boys leave is my last day with them...I work tomorrow.....they are out walking Bert right now.

Chat soon my friend...

Bougie Black Boy said...

Long time no see. I miss coming over here!