Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'll be leaving for Kentucky first thing Sunday morning. Don't know when I'll be posting again. Take care of yourselves!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big kid and little kids!

Here's a picture of my son, and two of his children.....the little kids are Hunter and Harley and the big 'kid' is Doug! They were all on the floor Tuesday afternoon playing with 'Noah and the Ark'. There was only a small amount of fighting over the animals, but after a scolding from me, Doug (Daddy)decided to share instead of having a time out! That's right, I brought him into this world.....and I can take him out!!!! I tell him he will never get too old that he doesn't have to listen to his momma!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Amber spent this past weekend with us. She usually does and we love having her. It's an added bonus for her now that her daddy is living here too. She sees him much more often than she use to and she doesn't even have to share him. Except for her brother and sister when they come to spend time with daddy too. They were all together Sunday and took a bike ride to the park. They all played and had a grand time. It's the first time they have all been together since Christmas.

Friday night Amber and I went to the movie store and rented two movies. RV was one of them, starring Robin Williams. We all sat and watched it together while eating popcorn. And we all laughed......a funny, family type movie! Amber moved from Bumpa to Daddy to Bumpa to Daddy......she had trouble deciding who to sit with! But when it came time for bed, she asked me to tuck her in and sit with her for a few minutes! Saturday night we watched the other movie which was "Stranger Than Fiction" and also funny.

After they were back from the park, Amber's mom called and said she had forgotten about one of Amber's cousins birthday party and could we bring her home early. So she had something to eat, packed up her 'stuff', kissed her daddy goodbye and her and I drove the 30-some miles to her moms'. Daddy was still playing with the little kids and Bumpa was engrossed in the Nascar race. Amber and I chatted on the way up and that was on one time. The drive back was very quiet......just me and the radio!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daddy and Hunter

Hunter loving his daddy up while eating left-over birthday cake and ice cream from Amber's party! He looks pretty angelic in this picture, but don't be fooled by his sweet little face! He can be quite naughty at times and I'm afraid he has inherited his mother's attitudes.....drat the luck anyway! His mom is the one that calls here in a drunken state late at night to demand things of us or Doug, or just to scream at Doug loud enough for all to hear. Maybe some day she will really catch on as to what life is all about!! Hope springs eternal......

Monday, March 19, 2007

Here is a picture of Amber's Birthday cake. Her birthday was Sat. She is a St. Paddy's Day baby. She is now 12......I need to stop time!

She is growing up way too fast....they all are. Our oldest grandson turned 18 in Jan. and will graduate from high school this coming June. The youngest is 10 months old. Quite a span we have between oldest and youngest but there are twelve in between the extremes.

In this picture you can see just how much Amber loves her Daddy. He was always a part of her life, but is now in her life more often than before. She adores him and he her! He gave her a Nextel Boost Mobile Phone for her birthday. She also received a bunch of summer clothes and money from us and aunts and uncles and cousins. Her mom and step-dad gave her a pair of 'heelies'. They are those shoes with a wheel in the I'll never be able to catch her!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yesterday our high temp reached 70º. It was sunny ALL day and it was wonderful! I would like all my days to be like that......seemed so calming and relaxing and refreshing. I spent a lot of time outside watching my four-legged fur child romp and smell everything that the melting snow uncovered. She seemed to have a really good time......and she slept good last night too!

Hubby's truck has now developed a leak in the radiator so he has taken my car again today. He is bringing a new radiator for his truck home tonight and hopefully he will get it fixed and I will have my car back tomorrow. I didn't have anywhere to go today anyway, so it is no big deal!

Things on the home front are a little tense.....youngest son came home Saturday night to stay with us for a time due to a nasty domestic situation. His significant other thinks that gives her free reign to call here whenever she wishes and yell at him loud enough for us to also be able to hear. I think I will just turn the ringers off after 8:30 PM every night, so we don't have to listen to it. Most people we know don't call us after 7 or so anyway. I really wish she would move to another country! And that's being nice!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring ~~~ or something like it!

I think it's here....I think Spring has finally arrived. Yesterday our high temp was 51º. The first time we have seen that kind of warmth since last October I think! Boy, did it seem nice!

The only problem with the warmer weather is the MUD!!! The dog needs go go out and use her 'facilities' and always manages to track mud back in. This remains a mystery to me because I watch her go out and watch to see where she walks. She seems to be very picky about where she puts her feet and tries her best to avoid the muddy areas. From where I stand, it looks as if she has missed them all, yet when she comes in the door, I can see the mud on her feet and have to wipe them for her. I wonder why it is that I am unable to teach her to wipe her own feet when entering from outside. She has learned other things reasonably well and fast...on this she remains unteachable!!! Yes, I know that she brings snow in too, but when the snow melts it is just wet....not dirty!

I guess I will just have to put up with it if I want spring to stay.......and I certainly want that!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Winter Pastime

I know I am more than ready for Spring to arrive. I have been snowed to death the last few weeks. And yet, I shouldn't complain because we actually had a very slow start to winter and the first part was mostly without any snowfall or slippery roads. But, I am tired of it all now, even though it is beautiful to look at, I still don't like having to deal with slippery roads.

I have been spending my time inside putting jigsaw puzzles together, well, when I wasn't doing the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. This is the latest one and I am almost done with it. This has also been the most difficult one so far.....and I don't care what hubby says, I KNOW there are pieces missing!

Sunday, March 4, 2007


The thing about worry....when does it end?

You give birth to children.

You care for them 24/7 when their very existence depends on you.

You teach them to talk and walk and worry about if their speech development is normal for their age.

You send them off to their first day of pre-school or kindergarten and worry about how they will manage without you there. You worry after the kindergarten teacher tells you your child doesn't focus and talks too much.

They enter middle school and you worry that they will start being pressured by peers to follow the crowd instead of standing up for the values they have been taught. At parent-teacher conference, you are told your child is missing too many assignments.

Junior High presents a whole new set of worries. Will they begin to really notice and like the opposite sex and how will they handle the responsibilities that come with that. And once again, the teacher tells you your child talks too much, is too social.

High now worry when they are out past curfew; or they are out and the weather takes a turn for the worse and they are driving a car, or riding with someone who hasn't a lot of experience. Sitting up waiting for the sound of a siren in the distance and wondering if they are okay. Sighing in relief when you hear the sound of a car door in the driveway. Will they have the knowledge and skills they need when they graduate to go forward in life and be successful? Will college be a big party for them or will they actually buckle down and get that degree you are paying for?

How about when they get married? Will you stop worrying then? Or will you wonder if they have made the right choice? And if they have enough money to pay their bills and if they are ready to have children. And when the grandchildren come along.....will you stop worrying then? Or will it just begin all over again as the grandchildren move through the same stages that caused you worry with your own kids?

When does it end....or doesn't it?

Maybe it ends when you decide to go away for a weekend and forget to mention it to the kids.....and when you come back, there are 24 messages on your machine from the kids asking if you are okay. And then when they finally catch you on the phone and ask you "Where have you been. I've been so worried about you?" Is that when it ends or has it just come full circle and now it's their turn to worry?