Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, where has the time gone. Here it is October 19th already. I think I must have slept through the summer...........I don't remember much summer this year. Of course, it could be because we didn't have much summer this year. Most people feel the same seems as if it went from spring to a few nice summery days and right back to fall. And now I'm wondering if winter will make an early appearance too!

Today, one of our grand daughters turns 6 and yesterday our oldest child, Michelle, turned 41. How did that happen so quickly? And I've been thinking that I'm still in my 40's! No wonder I can't keep up with all these younger people anymore. I'm WAY older than I thought I was!

We had a partial family portrait taken by our oldest daughter the photographer and she did a great job. I wish we could have had the other son and his family here for it too.............but nothing ever works out least for me! The above photo is it.

Okay, I know this is short, but I need to go and get some things started and finished. Hopefully it won't be so long before I post next.