Thursday, July 24, 2008

Short Lived!

Just a quick update since Drew is here spending the day and Amber is here also, and I promised her I would take her shopping.

First shift for Bumpa was short lived......about 3 weeks. He must return to second shift again beginning Monday. Neither of us is very happy about it because they told him this first shift job would be for a long time. They didn't say the gal whose job this really is was off on disability and due back soon. Bosses are very tricky and lie to you in order to get the job done. We are both pretty upset by this, but since there isn't anything we can do about it, we will just have to deal with it. I will be returning to being a married woman who must attend all family functions that are in the evening hours as a single woman.......a fifth wheel you might say! Hub is ready to start acting like all the other employees though, and just do what he has to in order to get by. He says he is done busting his butt and working any overtime they ask when it is not mandatory just to help them out. If they treat their employees like this, he doesn't feel the need to go out of his way to be overly accommodating for them either!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, I think I am finally done working so many hours. The gal they hired and trained worked today all by herself and only called me 5 times.............not too bad for her first day alone. I will have to cover for Katie when she gets married in August and goes on a cruise for her honeymoon. I will be doing extra hours in Aug. Three full days per week and I need to figure out which weeks they are. Our adopted daughter needs me to come to Texas the end of July and stay for a week or two. Can't go into detail, but she REALLY needs me. If I'm not covering for Katie at that time, and if they will give me the time off, I have to figure out a way to have enough money to fly there and back and still have enough money for car insurance (purchasing a newer vehicle certainly raises ones amount of car insurance) and summer taxes that are due in the beginning of September. Hubby and I have been talking and so far we haven't been able to come up with a plan, but are not willing to give up on that yet! Anyway, I need to see if I can get the time off work first!

Just found out that my brother-in-law that has been so very sick with some auto immune disease also has Histoplasmosis, which in turn, triggered the auto-immune disease called Sarcadoesis (spelling may be wrong on that one). He is going this Wednesday to some medical center in Novi, Michigan that specializes in the auto-immune disease that he has. If it isn't treated in time, I understand that it will be fatal. Not a very pretty outlook! The only good thing is that we are finally getting answers to all the questions.

On a much brighter and cheerier note.......hubby and I are loving his being on first shift again. Although he has been on overtime ever since he went back to first, which means that he needs to get to bed by 8:30 PM 'cause he gets up at 2:30AM (all overtime is done in the mornging when it is cooler) I still spend most of my evenings alone. But at least we see more of each other this way. And I don't have to wait up until 1:30 in the morning to spend time with him!

Well, that updates almost everything. Except for my flowers, they are very beautiful outside this year. I will try and take some pictures and get them on here for you to see for yourself!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6, 2008 -No Photos to Share!

I awoke sick on the 4Th. Attempted to get moving and did manage to walk down the street and sit in a chair in anticipation of the parade, but couldn't wait until it started. Had to return home to be sick again. Climbed into bed and slept until they woke me up after the parade was over and the food was almost ready to eat. It looked like they were all enjoying it and I tried to nibble a bit, but found it very unappetizing. I visited with them until they all left to go and give the little ones a nap and then I went back to sleep and slept the rest of the afternoon.

When the arrived back for the bonfire, s'mores making time I was feeling somewhat better but sure didn't want to eat any s'mores. Fireworks were able to be seen from our back yard again this year, but Drew was scared to death of them and kept crying and yelling 'go in Mema's house' Drew and I came inside and watched the movie 'Happy Feet' ONE MORE TIME! After the fireworks everyone left and I went to bed and slept all night. Today is the first day I feel really good.

I hope the rest of you enjoyed the was pretty much of a blur for me!