Monday, October 4, 2010

Septemter 25, 2010

This is a photo of the newlyweds with all their children!  Everyone is so happy for them and the kids are all happy too!  I'm sure they will encounter some rough times ahead, but every family does, whether blended or not!  The kids range in age from the oldest 15, and the youngest just 2.  They will be very busy raising all of them............they have two teenage daughters, a middle school age son, an elementary school age son and daughter and the 'baby' who is just  2!  Boy am I glad it isn't me starting all over again with small ones.  I simply don't have the energy or the patience for it anymore!

It was an outdoor wedding and although it didn't rain on us, it was very chilly and all the bridesmaids and bride and both teenage daughters wore sundresses.  We were planning for nicer weather.  I nor the bride's Mom ever thought we would live to see the day either of them would marry!  We are all so happy for them and you can tell that they are happy just by looking at their faces.  I'm not sure my son will stop grinning yet this year!  Even the children are all happy.  I know they will have some problems ~ you can not blend a family without some encounters, no matter how much the 'Brady Bunch' made it look.  But my son came from a blended family and watched us make it work, so he has some expeience and is a step ahead of the game in that department. 

God was at this wedding and I told them they need to keep God at the center of their newoly blended family and they will be matter what happens!