Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, my knee surgery is done.  It was on Oct. 19th and the orthopedic surgeon repaired a tear in the ligament, a tear in the meniscus and a tear in the cartilage.  Hopefully when I see him next on Dec. 3rd, it will as good as it can be.  Of course I did have a fall on it on Oct. 31.  I'm hoping I didn't do any damage to the repairs he made.  It is still sore and somewhat swollen and still is painful, but I know as we age we don't heal as fast or as well as when we were a few years younger. 

We were all gathered at Tom's Uncle Jim's apartment as the time was near for his passing into eternal life.  He had throat cancer that spread and he did pass away peacefully around 9:30PM.  I am so glad he is out of pain and suffering, yet Tom and I spent a lot of time with him, visiting and helping to care for him.  He didn't want to go to the Veterans Home so we promised him as long as it was possible for us and one of his sisters to care for him at his apartment we would do everything we could to keep him home.  Fortunately we were able to do so!  It was a very nice Military funeral as he spent several years in the U.S Air Force during the VietNam era.  Most of us did fine until the sister that cared for him was presented the flag and then we lost it.  But we are thankful he no longer has to suffer and he has gone to meet his Savior and his Mom, Dad and 3 brothers who passed away before him.

He was very generous to us.  He left us his 2003 Envoy, knowing that Tom's truck needs lots of repairs and his car isn't running the greatest either.  Some family members are upset with us for receiving this gift, but I think it was Uncle Jim's way of thanking us for all we did for him.  We didn't expect it but are extremely grateful for his generosity toward us.  God has granted him the peace he had been seeking for so long.  Thanks be to God!