Friday, September 28, 2007

Won't be long now...........

( photo of the Dallas/FT.Worth airport by sfPhotocraft)

and I'll be off on my adventure! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I know I will miss everyone back here, but I am so looking forward to seeing everyone there! My plane leaves Sunday at 5:55 AM, so this very likely will be my last post until I return home on Oct. 11Th.

Y'all be good and I'll have lots to tell you when I get home! And lots of catching up to do too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This isn't my husbands grandparents farm, but it looks very much like it. My hub spent a lot of time on this farm as a young boy and early teen. He loved it there and thought pitching in and helping his grandparents out was great fun. He learned a lot about life and work ethics while helping out.

His grandfather passed on many years ago now, and his grandmother is about to celebrate her 90th birthday next month with a large open house at the local church she belongs too. This could be the last birthday she will have and everyone will be attending. She had 9 children and 6 of them are still alive. Out of those 9 children, she had at least 15 grandchildren and 20-some great grandchildren and approximately between 30 and 40 great-grandchildren.

The family farm will be auctioned off on November 3rd. She hasn't lived there in a number of years and it has been occupied by one of her sons, who is now ill and can no longer care for himself, let alone a farm. Everything must go by the end of this year. It is for the best, but still it is a sad event in the lives of the people who have farmed the land. I will have to get over there and take some photos for my hubs scrapbook!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Beauty

This was the last flower to bloom. It was the slowest growing plant all year and now it is the tallest. Well, except for the morning glories which are a vining plant. I have other Zinnia's growing and blooming now, but this seems to be the only one that is this color and the only one that appears to be extra full, perhaps a double one. I am amazed that with the beginning of fall being less than a week away this plant bloomed at all.

In another couple weeks, it will be time for the leaves to begin their color change, painting the landscape with rich hues of yellows, orange, reds, purples and rust colored beauty. I'm hoping that the lack of rain here this year will not have any affect on the usual beauty. Some say that the lack of rain has put the trees under a great deal of stress and they will lose their leaves before the crisp nights and sunny days will help with the photosynthesis. I certainly hope not. I, for one, will sorely miss this autumn wonder!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The End of Summer?

Labor Day! Gone, it's done.....over! So that means that summer is done too? Maybe not! The temps outside today are approaching the 90ยบ mark so I'm having trouble thinking that summer is over!

This picture is our grandson, Elijah, in our backyard pool. Okay, probably the last time anyone will use it this year. We will probably be draining it sometime this week. But he sure was enjoying himself in there with no one to share it with.
He is a 'big boy' now he told me. He didn't want me to forget that his birthday is Saturday and he will be 4. And he told me that he would like a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle as big as he is!!! I don't know where on earth they sell them that big, but I suggested that since he has almost every Ninja Turtle that has ever been made we should get him something else...........he didn't look real thrilled with the idea but after some more talking, he did agree with me.

This is our oldest son, Brian with Elijah. The rest of Brian's family was going to a park to play with some friends and Brian decided he wanted to come over and see us. It has been almost a month since he has been here........his job takes him out of town and out of state frequently. When Elijah heard that Daddy was going to go to Mema's house, he refused to go to the park. He was going to Mema's too! There are two other children in the family, but David who is almost 11 opted for the park and Rebecca, who is only 18 months, went with Mom. She doesn't have much say in matters like this YET, but being the only girl I think she may grow up to rule them all! Ha-ha!