Monday, January 9, 2012

Unusual weather....

...for January!  We are experiencing some lovely weather for January.   Temp's have been in the upper 30's to 40º for the last few days and today is expected to reach the same.  Not that I am complaining!  There are some who are....those would be the snowmobilers.....they are waiting for the big snow to arrive so they can get out and ride their machines.  Not me....I much prefer to sit in the house in front of a warm fire with a good book and a hot chocolate when the weather is cold and snowy!  The snowmobilers won't have long to wait!  Wednesday night or early Thursday morning the weather is supposed to turn nasty and the meteorologists say there is a BIG storm moving in!  In the meantime, we will have 40º and above weather for the next two days!

Wednesday I go to the cardiologist office for a follow up on last weeks stay in the hospital.  I have to arrive at 7:40AM......I hate having to get up and ready first thing in the morning instead of drinking my coffee at a leisurely pace and waking up slowly.

I need to get some stamina back.....since I was at the hospital I feel as if I have lost some strength and some ability to do everything I want to do.

Tomorrow is Tom's mom appointment at Spectrum downtown to either have a stent placed or open heart surgery.  They won't know until the do the heart cath and see exactly what and where the blockages are.  I certainly hope that she will be okay.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 ~ a new beginning.........

and yet the same old stuff.  Tom is going to be laid off beginning Monday, Jan 9th.  I guess it is the company's way of saying "Happy New Year"!  Every year the lay offs happen.  The only thing different this time is that the Union made some compromises this past summer and they weren't very good for the employees.  The major one is that they lose their health coverage at the end of the month that they were laid off in unless they are called back before then.  So if you are an employee with ongoing and long term health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. you are basically screwed and any medications you may need to keep you alive will have to be paid for out of your own pocket.  Which will be tough to do with less income due to being laid off!

And all because companies have become to greedy in their quest to gain the almighty dollar!  At one time, I believed the Unions were a good thing.  But right about not.....not so much!  I was under the impression that Unions were supposed to protect and help the employees, not the employer!  Was I wrong in my beliefs and thought processes?  Seems like I was!