Saturday, June 9, 2012

Too Big!

The photo of the girl above is one of my grand daughters.  This is an old photo of her but she is still not much bigger around, just taller.  Recently she was with a group of her friends at a local park in the small city she lives in.  Whether they dared her or she just decided on her own to try and fit into one of the baby swings is any ones guess.  But try she did!

She got stuck!!!  I mean really stuck.....stuck enough where they had to get the Fire Department to send a crew over to cut her out.  She was pretty embarrassed by this newest escapade.  At one point she told everyone of her friends to not touch her. 

Her legs were numb from the circulation being cut off.  Even the ambulance came and put her in the back to check her over and make sure nothing was damaged from the lack of circulation (read only her brain was suffering)!  Even though she doesn't weigh 100 pounds yet she is taller than me which is most likely the reason she got stuck!  To add insult to injury, she now is responsible for paying a fine of $80.  to replace the cost of the swing and probably wages for the firemen.

Ahhhh.......the craiziness of teenagers...gotta love 'em!