Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring ~~~ or something like it!

I think it's here....I think Spring has finally arrived. Yesterday our high temp was 51º. The first time we have seen that kind of warmth since last October I think! Boy, did it seem nice!

The only problem with the warmer weather is the MUD!!! The dog needs go go out and use her 'facilities' and always manages to track mud back in. This remains a mystery to me because I watch her go out and watch to see where she walks. She seems to be very picky about where she puts her feet and tries her best to avoid the muddy areas. From where I stand, it looks as if she has missed them all, yet when she comes in the door, I can see the mud on her feet and have to wipe them for her. I wonder why it is that I am unable to teach her to wipe her own feet when entering from outside. She has learned other things reasonably well and fast...on this she remains unteachable!!! Yes, I know that she brings snow in too, but when the snow melts it is just wet....not dirty!

I guess I will just have to put up with it if I want spring to stay.......and I certainly want that!


Janet C. said...

We have 16 muddy feet to contend with. Some ask why we live in a barn.

Anonymous said...

Hey glad to hear your temps are rising! We had a wonderful day. I figure for us the pollen will be arriving soon. Flowers are already blooming.


Smalltown RN said...

spring cant come soon enough....I am looking out my window right now and the rain is pouring down....hubby constructed a shed the pouring rain i might add...and now he is out there in the his new covered space working on his's cold still though...

Hey girl thanks for dropping by I appreciate your comments on my sensitive topic...but it is one I think needs to be discussed...and I very much appreciate your frankness....your comments are exactly what I was hoping that post would do.


Barbie said...

Oh my word I am so enjoying this spring!! I have never been in Oklahoma for spring or even outside Florida for that matter lol This is so cool!!