Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big kid and little kids!

Here's a picture of my son, and two of his children.....the little kids are Hunter and Harley and the big 'kid' is Doug! They were all on the floor Tuesday afternoon playing with 'Noah and the Ark'. There was only a small amount of fighting over the animals, but after a scolding from me, Doug (Daddy)decided to share instead of having a time out! That's right, I brought him into this world.....and I can take him out!!!! I tell him he will never get too old that he doesn't have to listen to his momma!!


Anonymous said...

Hey all the kiddos look happy even the big one. LOL


Lori said...

aw, cute! My kids had toys similar to the ark and had such fun with them. Gosh..where did those days go?