Monday, March 26, 2007

Amber spent this past weekend with us. She usually does and we love having her. It's an added bonus for her now that her daddy is living here too. She sees him much more often than she use to and she doesn't even have to share him. Except for her brother and sister when they come to spend time with daddy too. They were all together Sunday and took a bike ride to the park. They all played and had a grand time. It's the first time they have all been together since Christmas.

Friday night Amber and I went to the movie store and rented two movies. RV was one of them, starring Robin Williams. We all sat and watched it together while eating popcorn. And we all laughed......a funny, family type movie! Amber moved from Bumpa to Daddy to Bumpa to Daddy......she had trouble deciding who to sit with! But when it came time for bed, she asked me to tuck her in and sit with her for a few minutes! Saturday night we watched the other movie which was "Stranger Than Fiction" and also funny.

After they were back from the park, Amber's mom called and said she had forgotten about one of Amber's cousins birthday party and could we bring her home early. So she had something to eat, packed up her 'stuff', kissed her daddy goodbye and her and I drove the 30-some miles to her moms'. Daddy was still playing with the little kids and Bumpa was engrossed in the Nascar race. Amber and I chatted on the way up and that was on one time. The drive back was very quiet......just me and the radio!


Anonymous said...

Sounded like a grand weekend! I'm glad that Amber is able to spend more time with all of you and her dad. While reading your post, I felt a bit sad when you typed about her having to leave.


martie said...

Yeah editor, I was a bit sad that she had to leave early too! But she's going to Kentucky with me on Sunday for a couple days!

Hugs back!