Saturday, June 14, 2008

# 19!

Those of you who have been reading here a while, know that my 2ND to the youngest son is engaged to be married. He is marrying a gal with 2 children, a girl 11 and a boy 8. Son has three children, a girl 13, a boy 6 and a girl 4 1/2. They will be blending these families into one. It is not easy and I speak from experience. Hub and I did the same thing 18 years ago. I brought 3 children and he brought 2 children, but with a lot of hard work, and it is hard work, we were able to blend everyone into one large group who truly love and care about each other. They are expecting their first baby together. Yes, I wish they had waited until they were married for this happening to occur, but it is what it is. and I don't feel that any baby is a mistake. She is due between the middle and end of October......the actual date is the 20Th, but we all know that babies have a way of showing up whenever they choose. The decision doesn't seem to be up to the carrier of the child unless a C-section is planned. Anyway, they now have 3D and 4D ultra-sounds of these babies in utero now. Following is one of the first photos of my newest grandson. My son was very proud to point out this important piece of equipment to me! As if, having had several children of my own and viewing many ultrasounds, I would not recognize it unless specifically pointed out to me. I acted properly impressed! However, I chose to show the picture of the baby's is hard to recognize unless you are familiar with ultra-sounds. It is a profile and the baby is looking off to the left in the photo. You don't have to oh and ah over the photo. At this stage, they still are not very beautiful to look at. My feelings will not be hurt!


janeywan said...

I think these ultrasounds are wonderful, back in the day you couldn't even see they had a face.
It must be comforting to get this kind of detail these days.
Congratulation on the addition this
beautiful child will add to your ever growing family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the grand baby! Hugs

Lori said...

wow...that is amazing.

Congrats on #19! :-)

P.S. Welcome back!