Friday, June 20, 2008

Part-time work?

I was scheduled to work all day Monday and Tuesday of this week and from 10:00AM to 1:00 PM Friday. I actually was going to be covering for a gal so she could take her ongoing training for her afternoon job. Well, when I got there Monday morning, there was in envelope in our transfer basket to go to corporate headquarters. The transfer envelope didn't have a name on it, so we opened it up to see of we could ascertain who it was meant for. The name on the small envelope inside was address to Jan.......the gal who does the hiring and places them with someone to train them. I called her and told her that there was an envelope for her and it looked as if a key were on the inside. She asked me to open it and it was the key. She had me check to see if it was the correct key to the entry door. When I confirmed that it was, I then told her about the letter in the envelope with her name on it too. She asked me to open that and read her the letter. I told her I wasn't comfortable doing that, but she repeated her request so I complied. It was a note of resignation for the morning gal. She also does the 3 hours on Friday too. You see, Terry did Monday and Tuesday mornings, I came in Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Katie was there all day Wednesday and Thursday and Terry covered the 3 hours on Friday. And when one of the people who job share quit, it places extra burdens on the other job sharers.

Tuesday a very nice gal came into the office asking if we were taking any applications. I spoke with her for a while and explained that we did have one open position and gave her a brief description of what the job entailed and the hours involved and that it was a job share position but needed to be flexible in order to be able to cover when the other gals needed the time off. She said it sounded like just what she was looking for. I gave her the name and number of the gal to call at corporate headquarters and took her name and number too. After she left, I called the gal at corporate headquarters and told her about this gal who was looking for work. Anyway, to make a long story short, the gal went in to interview on Thursday morning and was offered the position. She accepted and is supposed to begin her training on Monday at the office that I will be filling in at. I'm so excited and I really hopes she works out. She seems very pleasant and outgoing and eager to learn. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one............I think she will do a good job! And I need to get someone to fill this spot so I can go back to part-time work!


janeywan said...

Hope she works out, your working to hard.

Anonymous said...

You are just too good Martie. That's all there is to it. I hope your organization will get more help, so you can go back to part-time soon.


martie said...

Yup! They hired her, but she is doing her training at corporate offices in Jenison for 2 weeks and then she will come to our office where I will train her there for 1 week before I can go back to my normal hours..............I am really exhausted and my housework and yardwork is suffering. And I only get to see my hub on weekends now! Oh well, this too shall pass!

Anonymous said...

(((((Martie))))) Wished I were closer and I would help you with the housework. Hopefully they'll be giving you the 4th off. I'll be off this Friday.