Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things found!

This weekend, although very busy, was very nice. We entertained our daughter and her family from Kentucky. While spending so much time outside, we were able to see some things we might have missed otherwise. Like these marsh marigolds that are blooming at the edge of our property.

Or my Iris that have begun to bloom!

We might have missed these lovely 'Bleeding Hearts' that are in full bloom now!

We would not have found this baby rabbit that our dog was chasing and was rescued by our Kentucky daughter. She also found and held a tree frog for all the kids to see, but it was so fast, we were unable to get a shot of it. See, it pays to get outside and smell the fresh air and enjoy nature!


Anonymous said...

Oh the baby rabbit!!! Be still my beating heart. I have a soft spot for rabbits though my grandparents claim that the rabbits are eating their flowers. The bleeding hearts are beautiful! I want some of those. Hugs

martie said...

shawny sun ~ the rabbits do eat the flowers, but if we put something called invisible fence around the flowers, we can enjoy the flowers and the bunnies!


Lori said...

What a beautiful adventure. The bunny reminds me of the many we rescued when I was a little girl on the farm. Some we could save, some we could not. And I think Bleeding Hearts are just the neatest flower! God creates many masterpieces.

You are blessed.
We are blessed.

Smalltown RN said...

those are great photos...I love the holds a very special place in my heart....yes sometimes we do need to get outdoors more and just drink in all the nature has to offer..thank you for sharing what you experienced my friend!!!