Friday, May 2, 2008

An unexpected suprise!

Little did I realize when I awoke yesterday that I would be hosting my late friends husband and her dog. He showed up at my house, after a quick call telling me he was almost here after driving from Colorado Springs. Seems he decided he couldn't take that job he went out there for after all. He is too depressed to begin life again in a different place, and the altitude made him and the dog sick. So I now have a homeless, unemployed man and his dog in my home. Am I happy about it? Not really. Tom and I talked about it and I said "What would Jesus do?" Tom said 'I don't know', but I have to go to work, good luck! He wasn't trying to be funny or sarcastic, he really had to leave for work so he wouldn't be late!

Well, the dogs are kind of adjusting to each other. The other dog is also a girl dog and is close to 10 years old. She has longer hair than Prancer and is also shedding. And is used to sitting anywhere in his house, on any piece of furniture she wishes too. Prancer is only allowed in her chair in the family room or on the old couches in the upstairs living room. I have tried to encourage the dog, whose name is Lady by the way, to use the floor for stretching out on!

I think Del (that's his name) is only planning on staying until his economic stimulus check is direct deposited in his checking account. And according to the schedule, he should be getting it my no later than tomorrow. One can only hope! He is down to $20. in his wallet and $112. in his checking account. He is a veteran, and when I knew he was coming, I called the veterans' administration to see if they could possibly be of any help to him. They told me that as long as he was honorably discharged from a branch of the armed services, and he was homeless and had no income and no job, they need to get him into the system with the paperwork first and go from there, but they should be able to help him. I think he is in need of some counseling for severe depression. He seems to have many reasons why he can't go fill out the paperwork. I think he may be contemplating suicide, but he hasn't brought that up at this time. It just seems from the way he talks about having nothing to live for, that it may be on his mind. He does own a shotgun that he brought with him, but is locked in his trunk and unloaded (he says) at the present time. I do fear for his safety. Does any one have any helpful ideas. What do you suggest? Will you pray about it? "What would Jesus do?" I'm patiently awaiting an answer from HIM on this one


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know for certain that I have any good ideas. Gosh, this is a rather tough one. Because on one end of the spectrum, you want to cut him some slack but on the other end, you feel extended.

You ever watch The Dog Whisperer? I notice on many episodes that Caesar will say the reason a dog is not behaving well is due to him not fulfilling the destiny of the breed. Not quoted but you get my drift. What in his past made him fulfilled? I'm not talking about people. I'm talking about him finding his place again.

I agree counseling would be good. I could use some counseling right now too. LOL

Where I come from, you respect the head of the household. He's a visitor, so he should go by house rules. That includes his dog.

I will keep both you, Hubby and him in my prayers. I'm very sorry that he's going through this.


Lori said...

Since I'm reading this late, any words of wisdom may be unnecessary...assuming I have any!
I also think counseling is needed. You are such a sweetie and I know want to help him, but make sure that you take care of you and hubby, too in all of this. It is only right and kind and Christian to offer your home for a few days, but beyond that he must learn a new kind of normal and find some peace and solace in a new place in life. Perhaps a pastor could help steer you both in a direction?