Thursday, May 15, 2008

What next? Maybe I shouldn't ask!

I am bone tired tonight. I still have my out-of-state company and today I spent the entire day taking my hubby's uncle to the Veteran's wound clinic in Grand Rapids. He has an open wound on the bottom of his foot, and several new sores on the top of the same foot. He is in poor health to begin with having congestive heart failure, remission of cancer in his kidney, has suffered a stroke in the past, was in a farming accident and has lost all fingers and thumb on his left hand, had the big toe on his right foot amputated due to an infection in the bone, neuropathy, and they are still doing tests to see if he has cancer of the larynx. There was no one else to take him so the task fell unto me.

After arriving there at 11:00 AM, we waited until after 1 PM to get in to see a doctor. They took the dressing off and it began to leak and ooze fluid onto the floor. It was extremely swollen and the swelling was spreading up his leg. He was running a fever of 101.8 degrees. They evaluated the wound and decided he needed to be hospitalized. They asked if I could drive him to Ann Arbor to the Veteran's Hospital. When I told them I could not because I had other commitments and wouldn't be back in time, they arranged for him to be transferred by ambulance. I waited with him until the ambulance arrived and he was safely inside before I left to go to his apartment and remove all the old bandages and dressings and take them to the dumpster provided by his apartment complex. I then removed all his soiled bedding and bagged it in plastic bags to bring home to wash. I then cleaned the refrigerator out of anything that had already spoiled or wouldn't last until he was home again, locked his check book and money he had given me up in the safe and came home. Upon getting here, I called the Grand Rapids Press and had them stop service until further notice. I then called the US Postal Service to have them hold all mail until further notice. Then I prepared dinner for me and my company, cleaned up the mess and went shopping for the items my hubby wanted before the sale ended. I am now doing laundry, our own and hubby's uncles and am waiting for hubby to arrive home from work so I can see him for a bit. It is now 11:26 PM. I have been up since 6:30 AM. I need to rise at 6:00 AM to go to my sons home and get his children on the bus as he has a court date at 8:00 AM and his fiancee needs to go with him due to the circumstances of this particular case. I need to turn in as soon as hubby gets home and I talk with him for a few minutes. So, on that note, I will sign off. Hopefully, I'll be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wow- that wore me out just reading it. Hope your weekend will be stress free and relaxing. Hugs