Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spring? Fall? Winter? Who knows?

Just a few short days ago, all the snow we had was gone and the ground was bare. These pictures are what it looks like today after a couple days of almost non-stop snow flurries and blowing snow. Southwest Michigan had been under a 'Winter Storm Advisory' for 2 - 3 days now. They have let that expire as of 10:00 AM this morning. We probably have about 5 inches of new snow in areas that the wind hasn't been able to reach. In some areas, the wind has blown it away to make deeper drifts than 5 inches....some places as much as 10 inches!

The above photos are what part of the back yard looks like this afternoon. And after Bumpa (Hub) has taken his John Deere lawn tractor and plowed and hauled more firewood to store in the garage for our fireplace. In this kind of weather we seem to go through a lot of firewood. But that's because I love to have the fireplace glowing with a toasty warm fire on cold days and nights. It does help with the heating bill too! Bumpa was dressed in layers as the temperature outside is only 10º with a wind chill of -8º.

That would explain why I am still in the house in front of the fireplace drinking hot coffee still dressed in my fleece pajama's! We're not going anywhere, so I couldn't justify getting dressed today. But I do want you to know that just because I am in my fleece pj's, I have not been lazy today. I have cleaned the glass fireplace doors before Bumpa was even up today and had a fire going by 8 AM and the coffee brewed. And I didn't even suck it all up...........I saved some for Bumpa!

And I made some homemade bread already and it is cooling on cooling racks in the kitchen right now. And, I will be making a big dinner of ham, sweet potatoes, a vegetable and of course some homemade bread. See.........I can do all my stuff in my fleece pj's. I know, you are only shaking your heads at my failure to get dressed today because you are all jealous that I am still in my pj's at 5:00 PM!


Jody said...

I do NOT miss those snowy days! I was born in Mt Clemens & lived in Romeo just off 35 Mile. Snow, slush, & pneumonia. Those are my winter memories. Keep those fleece jammies on & keep the hot coffee comin!

Anonymous said...

Dinner sounds good. Nothing wrong with fleece pj's. Those pictures made me cold! burrr!!! All that snow would make me stir crazy. Ya'll are tough. Hugs