Saturday, January 26, 2008


Just thought it was time to reaffirm the fact that I am the "Queen of Everything" around here. If you are a female grandchild, you are the Princess of quite a lot. If you are a male grandchild, you are the Prince of hot wheels and matchbox cars. If you are the adult male in the household (interpretation - Bumpa) you are the King of NOTHING!!!!

Any questions? I didn't think so!

Disclaimer: The hub and I have been joking around, so please don't anyone email me and tell me how awful you think I am. We have been having a lot of fun with this!


Anonymous said...

I am definitely the queen of nothing but yet the pauper of sleep. LOL

I'll take the beggar of cake - how's that. I loves me some cake. hehe


Smalltown RN said...

Oh I think that is priceless and having a sense of humour is wonderful...."Queen of Everything" I wish...I think my hubby says I am the Queen of laundry....on the weekend we moved the washing machine and before I could use it again hubby had to getting some more piping and rejig things...anyhow after I came home from work last night I asked him what he was doing...he said...for you my dear I am fixing the washer...I know you must be going through withdrawals...being the Queen of laundry that you are.....

Isn't he just sooooooooo special.....NOT!!! LOL!

janeywan said...

Poor Bumpa, I know just the feeling, but you know what? I'm sure he likes his position what ever it is, just fine.

Lori said...

awww..cute! I imagine my husband would think the same thing - ha ha! I love Mary Englebreits stuff.