Sunday, April 29, 2007

The top photo is one of my oldest two boys and their oldest children playing a game of tag football in the front yard Saturday afternoon. The second photo is our oldest son Brian's middle child, Elijah who is 3 ½. The photo doesn't show all the old Fisher Price toys he was playing with......garage, village, school house, airport, A-frame cottage and castle.....he certainly was having fun and entertaining himself with it all.
His baby sister, Rebecca, 15 months was in the house napping. I was sitting in a lawn chair, camera in hand and trying not to worry as the "big" boys ran through the front yard trying to avoid trees and bushes during the game!

Today, I am finally able to get on the computer and catch up on some reading and writing. Friday was a cleaning day and I had Drew all day so that means the computer was off limits. I will have Drew Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day too. My evenings will be free....unless I am too exhausted from chasing and playing with a 2 ½ year old and collapse on the couch after dinner and can't get back up!


Lori said...

It's nice to see you here. I miss you when you don't post!

Isn't it wonderful that the snow is gone and the sun has come back? It has been almost 'hot' the past two days...but I've been enjoying the brightness and am ready for it to stay awhile.

Good luck with your babysitting adventures!

janet said...

Family and life in general does have a way of interrupting our blogging.
Enjoy the little one (Drew)!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Hey- it's okay if you have to crash. :)