Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just popping in............... let everyone know I am fine. I am working 3 full days a week now and am busy with family obligations.

The header on this blog shows my second oldest grand daughter, Amber. She is going through some tough times in her mother's home. For those of you who believe in prayer, I would appreciate all the prayers you can manage for her. I can't explain more than that right now. Hopefully, in the near future she will be living with us or her daddy.

Thanks in advance for those prayers!


janeywan said...

This doesn't sound so pleasant for Amber or the rest of you for that matter. I will pray it works out the best for all of you. Saying the prayer now..

Anonymous said...

I will keep Amber in my prayers. Hugs

Oldqueen44 said...

Many prayers to you. We went through the same thing with our 2 oldest grandkids. It is very heart breaking to watch the kids struggle. After 12 years and several court battles Mom still has the kids. But things are finally getting easier between the parents.