Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, it's Thursday and my stress test is done for another year! I passed with flying colors............all stents and bypasses remain opened and unblocked at this time. Everything looks normal for a heart that has had stents and bypass surgery! And the doctor said I don't have to go back for a whole year. His actual words were, "I'll see you next year for further torturing!" Gee, thanks doc, I can't wait.....NOT!!!

The above picture is similar, but not exactly like the scanner that I went through yesterday. The round end was partially opened and it was shaped like a sideways V and it circulated around my chest very slowly, stopping sometimes to take a scan before moving on. The whole procedure of the scanning takes approximately 20 min. Do you see how wide that table is? That is it! Not very comfortable to lay on for 20 min. with your left hand strapped over and above your head and the right one strapped tightly to the right side of your body. But it is over for another year and since I had my yearly physical in November or December of last year, along with my mammogram, I have a clean bill of health! This is not one of my photos, but one I found on Flickr, so I want to make sure to not take credit for it. I forgot the name on the pictures that I was looking at and I don't feel like going back through the hundreds of photos I had to look at to find this, so that will have to suffice

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Lori said...

Isn't medicine uncomfortable?! I've had some MRI's before on my head and talk about torture. Definitely came out of that one with a headache!

SO glad you go that clean bill! (One bill you're happy to receive!)