Friday, March 28, 2008


Do you ever wish you could just run away from all responsibilities? Or hide under a blanket and hoped that everyone would leave you alone? Usually I love people and love being around them. But since starting work, it seems that the only time I have to myself is the evenings because the hubster works the night shift. But he's the one I would like to see and never do.

I have a sis-in-law that bugs me constantly! She calls for the most silly reasons and keeps me on the phone even after she has run out of things to say. Sometimes, with caller ID, I don't even bother to answer her calls. But then I feel guilty and end up calling her back within a few hours. She doesn't have many friends and she is plenty different. A lot of that is her upbringing and I do feel sorry for her, but why am I stuck with taking her under my wing? It seems to me that I should be able to choose my friends and not be chosen by someone who can be such a pain in the a$$!

Hardly anyone in hubsters family likes to be around her. She lies and you never know if what comes out of her mouth is the truth or not. And I don't tell her anything of importance because she repeats everything she hears to all other family members. And when I know she is coming over, I have to go through the house and make sure all and any paperwork that is regarding our finances or medical histories or any communications between my children, sisters and friends are put away in a locked cabinet. She has a tendency to pick things up and read them with no thought that they are none of her business! Really bugs me when she does that! And the sad part is, she has two daughters who are turning out just like her. Very needy and overly touchy feely!


Anonymous said...

I bet deep down inside she is not very happy. That's too bad because she's chasing people away.

I have felt like you do. I'm by myself a lot though. And I actually wondered just recently how I would deal living with someone again. I think at first that would be rough for me. And I would probably struggle with it until I was able to get accustom.


Lori said...

I think we've all had that 'under the blanket' feeling. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with everything I have to do it's hard to see straight.

Make sure you are nice to yourself. It's ok not to answer the phone. It's your house and if you don't feel like talking to anyone at any given moment, you don't have to feel obligated or guilty. It sounds like the reason your doesn't have friends is because she has chosen this through her actions towards others. You can be kind w/out giving away too much of yourself.

Love you, friend.

janeywan said...

Oh goodness, it's awful to be caught in a trap like that.

You are entitled to your privacy and I would call her on it. Maybe she wants to hear it and if not she needs to hear it, like it or not! It obvious no one else has had the guts to inform her of her bad behavior, hence she keeps doing it.

martie said...

Janeywan ~ I called her on this same behavior several years ago and shortly after that, she had a breakdown. She claims the breakdown was caused by none of our in-laws liking her! I really think there is some kind of malfunctioning of her brain to continue with this behavior after being told about it. *Shrug*