Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is Amber trying to light the candles on her birthday cake. A most difficult task as her Dad, Doug, was blowing out the lighter before she could get them lit. It ain't easy being 13 and dealing with a Dad who is a prankster! She managed to get them lit...........lucky for her we had a number one and a number 3 to make the '13' or she never would have gotten them all lit at the same time.

There were only 3 pictures of her party on my camera. This working stuff doesn't leave much time for anything. Yeah, I know it's only part-time, but I worked all day today and half days Monday and Tuesday, so it isn't feeling like part-time right now. They wanted me to come in tomorrow too, but Tom has to take my car tomorrow so I won't have transportation. Besides, Doug dropped off Harley and Hunter and asked if they could spend the night. I think he has an appointment this evening (or maybe it's both of them) with some one who is working at helping him gain custody of Hunter and Boo. And it will be a late appointment.............too late for them to stay up after being in school today so they will spend the night here and he will pick them up in the morning.

I do like my job. It is not boring and it is very interesting. This week I was able to see the results of some ads in the Southwest Advance that I helped prepare the paperwork for in getting them placed in the classified section or the display section of that newspaper. I had no idea what all goes into the preparation of the Advance Newspaper before it is delivered to my door. Except, I get the Pennasee Globe which is what the paper for the region I live in is called. Cascade and Ada and East Grand Rapids get the Cadence; Wyoming, Byron Center, Jenison, Hudsonville get the Southwest and I can't remember who else gets what. They produce 7 papers in all. It used to be 14 but a few years ago it was cut back to the 7 editions. And I believe the Advance Newspapers is owned by the Grand Rapids Press...............but don't quote me on that one!

Anyway, I still have to wash supper dishes. Harley and Hunter have had baths and are in bed sleeping already and I also am in my jammies. I need to build a fire in the fireplace and make me some French Vanilla Coffee and soon as the dishes are done and the morning coffee is made and on the timer. Oh.........and the laundry is all done. I am washing the kids home clothes in case they don't have time to take them home and change them before dropping them off at school in the morning. See, I don't know how you working moms do this day after day after day! I think you all ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Working moms do ROCK. But I think you ROCK too. Enjoyed the pictures - thanks for sharing. Also glad your new job is going so well.


janeywan said...

Wow, I'd hate to follow you around for a day. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Mentally feel a bit stronger at the moment. Give birthday wishes to Amber for me.

Smalltown RN said...

I agree with ROCK as well. Don't you remember the reason we have our children when we are young, at least we have more you are on a work day...doing birthday cake and having everyone over....then having two stay the night, do laundry and start a are sounding like have to tell you about my visit from my niece...what an experience that was....anyhow, everyone in your family looks happy and healthy...cheers my friend...wish Amber a very Happy Birthday for me....hugs my friend

Lori said...

I was fortunate to stay home with my kids full time until they were in school and then my hours were the same as theirs as I also worked in the school system. I did notice, though, once I started working, that I baked cookies a little less and my house wasn't quite as clean as it was before!

Happy Birthday to Miss Amber!