Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Parties!

Only this time it's a birthday party for our youngest grand daughter, 'baby Becca' as we call her. She will be two tomorrow but we celebrated tonight. She is quite the 'daddy's girl' and really doesn't like for daddy to not be visible to her at all times in large groups. This photo is of her and her Daddy (our oldest son, Brian) at our home on Christmas afternoon. Her party was at a place called "Playworld" in Grandville. She had a ball. It is an indoor play area and they have lots of tubes and slides similar to a McDonald's play are only on a much larger scale. Lots of different compartments filled with balls to jump in and Playschool toys to play on and in and giant inflatable slides, etc. Amber went along and she is as exhausted as 'baby Becca'!

'Baby Becca' reminds me of pictures I have seen of my older sister when she was about the same age. Her maternal grandmother and a maternal aunt, think that she resembles our side of the family more than their side. Since we think she is beautiful, we'll take it and keep right on bragging! It's what we "mema's" do best!


Anonymous said...

"Baby Becca" is very adorable! She looks very proud to be with her daddy in that picture.


Lori said...

She is a darling. You have every right to brag!

clew said...


I like your new header :)