Wednesday, December 5, 2007's cold outside!

Wow! The temp outside is 22.5º. Fortunately the wind is not blowing today, so there is no wind chill to factor in. This is still fall.........winter doesn't officially arrive until December 22. But with the cold temperature and the snow, it really does look and feel like winter and Christmas. I have the tree up and decorated.....well, two trees this year. One in the family room and one in the living room. These two rooms are on different floors in my home, that's why I wanted two this year. This is the one in the family room........I know it appears to be crooked, but it is the way I had to stand on the footstool balancing while trying to fit the entire tree in the photo, but it gives you an idea anyway!

I would normally have all my decorations up by now, but this year, I just can't get into the mood to get it done. I'm lucky to even have the trees up. Maybe later this week.............who knows. And if I don't get them out, will anyone really care?

Please help me find the Christmas spirit this seems to be lost!


JUST A MOM said...

Hey there you have everthing you need for Christmas spirit... cold snow come on you could be in 78 degree smog filled place. I soure hope you find your spirit soon.

janeywan said...

That chill in the air may still be from bumpa and all the rest of those grumpy hunters that didn't bag anything.

clew said...

Seems like everyone's having trouble getting into the spirit this year! Maybe because it was such a mild fall...?

I didnt even finish decorating my tree. But I'm pretty sure I'm done with it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely tree. I've not had a tree up in years. I like the snowman ornament.


Lori said...

I think that some years it's harder to find than others. Last year was an absolutely wonderful one for me...everything just flowed, including the Christmas spirit. This year it hasn't come as easily...I think firstly because we had such a mild autumn. But now the cold temps (and ice, on its way) are here and it seems a bit more "Christmassy". I have little trees everywhere, and one in the family room downstairs, but we don't have our main tree up in the living room, which is always a real tree. Just haven't had the opportunity to get it yet. And I haven't started $$!

Just remember the true reason we celebrate and focus on your blessings, There is spirit out there just waiting to find you!

Smalltown RN said...

Oh your tree is lovely....and I know you will find the spirit soon....I don't have my tree up yet...but everything else is done....see with hubby and his shoulder it has made things a tad difficult....I don't what he wants to do after tomorrow and his surgery...I told him I could go buy one but he won't hear of not sure what the plan is ......cheers my friend and Merry Christmas@!!!!!