Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Proud 'Mema'

How I wish I had a photo to go along with this post, but all I have is a picture of the poster they made at the end of last year. My grandson, Steve, plays electric guitar, in the band (Big Dodee Roo and the Raptors) that he is in. I went to watch and hear him for his last gig of the summer before they all start college. It was Wednesday evening at the Wayland Hotel (bar and grill). Yes, my husband went on 2nd shift Monday for the first time in a few years and already on Wednesday I was hanging out in a bar! LOL......

I don't frequent bars as a rule as I am really not a drinker. I've been known to have a couple drinks, but never when I have to drive and not since I have been on meds for my heart and HBP. If I drink at all, it is at home and at the most, one mixed drink. Wish I could drink wine or beer but I really don't like either of them! Jeremy turned me on to Root Beer and Vanilla Vodka and that tastes pretty much like a root beer float to me and not much at all like an alcoholic drink! So, I dare not have more than one b/c I really like the taste of them........I don't want to become a lush!

But I digress, back to the band....they are actually pretty darn good! They play a lot of songs from the days when I listened to the radio and quite a few originals. They were collecting money so they can produce an album. They have been doing gigs for most of this past year......well, ever since the high school talent show where they began this journey! I hope they are successful and can remain unchanged.

Good luck guys!


Anonymous said...

Now that's awesome about the band. I hope they can get an album out too. Do they have any of their tunes on the Internet? I would love to hear them if they do.

I don't go to bars much myself. I don't drink beer or wine because I don't like the taste. I do like wine coolers. I have to be careful with those because they don't taste like alchohol. I would probably like the drink you mentioned.


River Rat said...

Way to go guys!

janet said...

Well, that sounds like a good time. It's been almost a year since I've been inside a bar. Not something I do often, either, and it would always be with a gal friend. I'm a light weight when it comes to handling booze. lol

martie said...

shawny sun ~ now that's a very good question....I'll have to ask him if they have any songs on the internet and let you know!

Hugs to you too!!

Lori said...

I've never been one to frequent bars either. Just not my thing. Don't care for the taste of alcohol so I figure, why try to acquire a taste for something that's not that great for you to start with? (Not that vanilla diet coke is good for me, either!)

Way to go to your grandson and his friends! What an exciting time in their lives - and awesome that you went to listen to them play. Way to go, grandma!

Hugerooskis to you!

clew said...

I *LOVE* Big Dudee Roo and he Raptors. I saw them play at the Dry Bean when I was up there last - blew me away!