Saturday, July 28, 2007

This first picture was taken early Friday evening. Hubby is on the far left and to his right is our youngest son Jeremy. To the right of him is our son Doug. The little guy is Jeremy's "I'm almost 7 years old" son Trenten. Trenten wanted to help with the deck, but just didn't know where to begin!
This one is after they quit for the day on Saturday. They worked hard to get most of it done so tomorrow would be an easier day and they could have the afternoon and evening off to relax before returning to work on Monday!
This last one is of them still relaxing, each with a nice cold beer. Good job, men!

They still have to put the handrail up and the top will be some kind of lattice or boards to allow for some shade. The deck is in the mid-day sun for about 7 hours and it can get pretty hot out there. Now Doug says we need to take out the window in the garage (above and just to the right in this picture) and put a door in....."closer to the refrigerator in the garage that way," he says!

And Amber is here a day early. Her mom called at 9 PM and said they would be dropping her off around 10 and asked if that was okay....of course I said YES!!!


janet said...

Wow your men kick butt. We're stalled here till we go back to Denver for supplies and tools forgotten..
Have fun with Amber.

Anonymous said...

Glad Amber got to arrive a day early! Wow- those guys really done some great work! I'm tired just thinking about how hard they must have worked. Looks great!

Lori said...

Those guys were really on the ball. How wonderful that they are so thoughtful to mom - kudos!

Hope you are having a grand time with Amber. Enjoy!

clew said...

YOU GO BOYS! It's Miller Time! :)

Glad for your bonus Amber time too!

I thought you'd find this interesting. I took your flower quiz and it says I'm a snapdragon.

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

You dont say! ;D