Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The small cement porch and steps leading from my back entry room to the backyard are gone. Tom and Doug at first tried beating them to death with a sledge hammer......didn't work so well. They broke the sledge hammer. Next on their plan was something called a hammer drill(?) they borrowed from Jeremy. The object of the hammer drill is to drill a lot of holes in the concrete, thus weakening it, and then fix the sledge hammer and proceed to beat it to death again.

That didn't work so well either. Takes too much time......crabbing about taking a month of Sundays to get the job done, etc, etc, etc!

So they went to the local rent-anything store and rented a jack hammer for 4 hours. Of course they knew the store would be closed before the 4 hours were up, guaranteeing them the use of it longer than the 4 hours they had to pay for! Now that's usin' your noggins, boys! And since the store doesn't open until 9 AM and Tom leaves for work at 3:30 AM and Doug at 6:30 AM, guess whose job it is to return it? Lucky guess......process of elimination!

It is already loaded in the trunk of my car because there is NO WAY that I can lift that thing! Hopefully the nice gentleman at the rental place will remove it for me (said while batting eyelashes and sweetly smiling).

What? What's that? Oh, you're wondering why the need to remove the porch and steps....well they are going to build me a nice deck about 8' x 10'. It will be the perfect spot for one of the three tables w/umbrella and chairs! A lovely spot to sit and yell at the bunny rabbits that are eating all my flower petals! Although, I doubt that my yelling at them will do never did anything for my kids either!!!


janet said...

Keep that door locked till it's done. It would be a long step.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a DYI! I'm amazed at how people can do such things around the house. I'm afraid of messing up more than I fix or create. I've always wanted to lay my own flooring but doubt I ever attempt it. I've daydreamed about putting down my own hardwood flooring or remodeling a bathroom. LOL I wouldn't have a clue though! Can't wait to see your new deck!

Those little rascally rabbits! :)


Lori said...

OK...when those boys of yours are finished there, send them over! I would love a back deck to watch all the critters in their round abouts in the yard.

Wish we lived closer...for many reasons.