Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, again!

Okay, I'm feeling much better today. Spent most of the time yesterday sleeping and maybe it is gone now. I had a flu shot last October so maybe I had a milder case and was able to shake it off faster. Hope that was the case. I would like to think that those flu shots I endure every year are doing some good!

Moving on to something I heard on television this morning that really ticked me off. It's regarding our military personnel. When they are about to be released from the service, they are presented with a bill. WHAT? Yes, these men and women that our country has sent to war presents them with a bill for lost or missing items such as guns, helmets, uniforms, boots, etc. On that bill they are also charged for normal wear and tear of above mentioned items. This bill is given to them so the military can supposedly account to the American taxpayer for spending so much on the war! They are not given their separation papers until the bill is paid! Most of the bills are no more than $500. or $600. dollars. What in the hell is this about. I am outraged that our men and women who have served their country are billed for items that have been damaged or are missing! This is a 'war zone' they have been in for heaven's sake. What do they expect? Yes, some things will come up missing and or damaged. There are bombs going off and incoming mortar and enemy fire aimed at them. It is inevitable that items will be 'damaged' or 'missing'!

Something needs to be done to stop this unnecessary billing of items to our troops who fight for our freedom and support those who run our country!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! I think it is terrible that the service men and women must pay for missing or used equipment! I wonder if writing to one's congressman/congresswoman would be of any good?

Take it easy so you'll make a full recovery! Hugs!

Janet C. said...

Glad your feeling better.
I've been up and down like a roller coaster with this bug. It's moved into my chest now and I'm driving the hubby nuts with coughing every two seconds not to mention wearing myself out.

Nothing our government does shocks me anymore. This is just one of many things our military get as thanks for serving.

Smalltown RN said...

Sorry you were feeling under the weather....that damn bug!!!

Now with regards to the military personnel being billed. Sounds like a letter campaign to me....that is not acceptable at all...our government here if a service man is killed in the line of duty the banks don't pay out their mortgages when mortgages are insured they say that they don't cover you if you are killed as a result of war. What???? I belong to the military you idiot...why are you selling me insurance then if you have no intentions of covering me? This is what is happening...there are widows now fighting with banks and now government asking the government to step in and help. How crazy is all this?

Lori said...

I'm glad you're getting better. I have it now!

Appalling to think of our service men and women being treated in such a manner...yet, unfortunately, I'm not surprised.

(Your listing of towns/states/countries visiting your site is cool!)

pmo3ws said...

Hi Martie, I found your blog from Janet's.
Thank you for including this post on your blog. Yes, it's outrageous! Key in "outrageous" in google and it will probably pop up Pentagon! I have seen enough BS to last a lifetime.