Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Blizzard of 2007

This is a picture of Amber sliding down the driveway ~ backwards! She insisted on going out to play in the blizzard but didn't stay out too long!! This picture was taken at a lull in the wind so you can't really tell that we are in the middle of a blizzard.

Well, it has been snowing here for the last several days, and today they changed all advisories and warnings to a BLIZZARD WARNING! The last time I remember it being this bad here was back in 1976 when they had to close the freeways down.

They have had to do that again today periodically for multi-car pileups. The last one was near us, about 5 miles east of where we live in Allegan County on the 131 freeway. They closed it in both directions while they cleaned up the accidents. They are saying all injuries are minor, thank goodness.

The television has a running banner along the bottom of the screen with all the closings. They have closed all the malls in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas today along with the movie theaters. I don't think they have ever closed the malls or movie theaters here before. They have already cancelled several church services for tomorrow too. And some local factories are shutting down today with no 2nd shift or 3rd shift reporting. Many restaurants have closed early and sent their employees home before it became dark.

We didn't go anywhere today. Amber is with us and is supposed to go home tomorrow, but if the roads and conditions are like this, she just may be staying another night. We did, however, go outside and play in this stuff because Amber insisted that it wasn't THAT cold! So, we all bundled up and went outside and she got her sled out of the shed, hopped on it and went down the hill. Bumpa even joined her for a few runs down the hill himself! We weren't out very long though as the wind picked up and the windchill dropped to about -10 we decided to come in and get warm.


Janet C. said...

Looks like a good time for kids. I wanted to make a snowman when we were getting all that snow but wasn't the sticky kind that packs together.
Stay warm and safe and enjoy the beauty of it, soon it will be dirty and just a pain in the tutty.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've not ever been in a blizzard. Stay warm! I saw on The Weather Channel that temps were supposed to be very cold this upcoming week. Our highs will be 20 degrees below the average. I'm just cold thinking about it!

East of Oregon said...

interesting blog - gave you a shout out on mine.. take care and happy day! :)

Dorothy said... this a new blog? I so hate being not in the swing of things...I hate being so busy I can't even stop long enough to breathe, much less stop at my good friend's blog. Man, I've missed you. Okay, I'm going to put this on the calendar for every day of the month...visit Martie's blog!!!! Hugs back acha!