Monday, July 12, 2010


When I went to my appointment with the Vascular Surgeon, I also found out that the cardiologist who has been treating me for the past 18 years did NOT retire as we were told.  He was with West Michigan Heart and they broke off into two different groups.  We were told he was staying with Metro Heart and Vascular.  Not so.  They then told us he was retiring.  Not so, either.  He decided to stay with West Michigan Heart.  I think that was a rather dirty trick to play on his patients and on the Doctor.  When we discovered this, we requested all our records and medical histories be sent to him at West Michigan Heart.  I mean after 18 years with one doctor, you develop a closeness with them and they with you.  They become almost like family and we really felt that this particular doctor had our best interest at heart.  This was not the feeling we got while remaining with Metro Heart and Vascular.  I have confidence that now we will get the best care possible and perhaps they can do something to help me that the other group could not.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed too! Hugs

Katie's Mom said...

A retired Bishop, now deceased, once told me, "the Lord, He works in mischievous ways." I don't believe in coincidences. If you found the doctor that you had confidence in before and can interact with him again, there's a "plan". Keep up the prayer and don't lose faith my friend. My prayers are joined with yours.

martie said...

This particular doctor trained at the Cleveland Clinic and still goes back once a year for updated training, so I am condfident that if anything can be done, he will be the one to find out who can do it and where. He also has connections to the best Heart and Vascular doctors at the U of M hospital in Ann Arbor.

Thank you Sunny and Katie's Mom for the support and being there when I really need friends!!! Hugs!