Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter is beautiful in Southwest Michigan

These are some of the landscapes as we took a drive through some areas not far from where we live today. The man driving, is of course, my hubby.......who is my wintertime chauffer and will drive me where I need or want to go (when he is not working) when the roads are too bad for me to feel comfortable driving on them.

Most of the photos are of frozen Lake Michigan. The large humps are frozen waves covered with several inches of snow after they froze. Some people are brave enough to walk out on these frozen chunks of waves, but many have gotten in some serious problems because of their foolishness and had to be rescued by the Coast Guards. We just admire the beauty of them from afar and stay safe. Today while we were there, we did notice two people that were quite a ways out on the ice. We left and they were still there, I hope they remained safe and dry............with Lake Michigan and the weather here, one can never tell what might happen next.


Lori said...

Beautiful winter photos. I especially love the top one because I love trees!

Nice to see "Bumpa" too.
Spring can't be far behind, martie!

Smalltown RN said...

oh those are great photos my friend and don't you just love it when hubby does the driving...I am still doing all the driving due to hubbies arm...sounds and looks like you guys had a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is beautiful. But that beauty does also command respect. I wouldn't be on the ice. LOL


Lilli & Nevada said...

Wonderful photos of your winter wonderland. Not as bad here as what you have.

JUST A MOM said...

hey hey hey how are ya I love the sights I will let you know not that you care but I will be moving back "home" I will be able to see these things for myself I am so happy it will still be a bit longer but with in the next 3 eyars for sure.

JUST A MOM said...

haaha 19 wow this is our first, we are looking to go north east Alpina way. Hubby retires in 2 years so we look to move back. We wil be driving out his fall after the new baby gets here. I think we will be snow birds out here for some of the winter but not all of it we miss it sick I know.