Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too much drama for me!

I've been very busy with grand children lately. Two of them came late one night and ended up staying for 3 days. They are a little girl Harley, 4, (aka, Boo) and her older brother, Hunter, 5. It was only supposed to be for one night, but we got another one of our famous Michigan snow storms and we were basically snowed in since I refuse to drive in that kind of weather. School was closed once again for a couple days. That was last week Tuesday when it all began. Doug and his fiancee went to the neighbor in the upstairs apartment to see the new baby they had brought home that day. Everything was fine. The dad asked Doug and Virginia to toast the birth of the baby with him and they did. Only problem was neither of them has had much to drink besides an occasional beer in a very long time. The baby's dad offered them whiskey. Doug can't handle whiskey........makes him mean. Virginia can't handle anything except a couple beers. Makes her a nag and very impatient! They went back downstair and put the little ones to bed. The older ones were talking with their dad on the phone.

Doug and Virginia began to argue and Doug decided it would just be better if I could come and get the little kids and keep them for the night so they wouldn't hear any disagreement if one were to pop up. He went to his truck and called to see if I would pick them up for the night. I told him yes, but it might take me a bit to get there depending on the road conditions. We were expecting a freezing rain/sleet storm followed by lots of snow. I hurried as fast as I dared. In the meantime, Virginia saw Doug loading the car seats into his truck, thinking he had had too much to drink and was going to take the kids with him driving somewhere. She locked the door and refused to open it to let him come back in and get his kids. He yelled that his mom was coming for them and to unlock the door so he could get them. She didn't believe him and yelled back that no she wouldn't because he was in no shape to be driving those kids anywhere. The more she told him 'no', the madder he got. Whiskey will do that to you, I guess! So he proceeds to kick the door down, breaking the lock and the woodwork around the lock. Remember her children are talking with their dad on the phone in the other room and hear the screaming and tell their dad what has happened and begin to cry saying they are scared......as well they should be by this time. Their dad tells them to hang up and he will call 911 and get the police out there. When I arrive, the police are cuffing Doug and placing him under arrest in the back of a police car.

Now I am totally confused because the last I knew, I was coming to pick up the kids just in case there was an arguement and they wouldn't have to listen to it. I was pretty shocked and asked the officer if he couldn't just release Doug to my custody for the night and I would take him home with me and keep him until he was calm the next day. Anyway, I was told "NO" and he would have to remain in jail for 24 hours on a domestic violence charge. Virginia spoke with the police officers and said it is not, nor was it at any time a domestic violence event. If anything, it was a big misunderstanding and she was just trying to keep the little ones safe by not letting them ride with someone who had too much to drink. To shorten the story they hauled him off to jail and kept him until around 1 PM the next day and released him in the middle of a blizzard without a coat or gloves or hat or proper foot wear. He called for a ride, but I couldn't go and get him..........the roads were too bad and I wasn't going to take his little ones out on the roads while they were in that condition. So he began to walk............22 miles. A truck driver picked him up and gave him a ride almost all the way to his house. His truck wouldn't start so he couldn't come and get the kids and like I said before I wasn't going to drive in it. The next day he called and asked hubby to come and give him a jump, thinking it was his battery. WRONG......it was his alternator. Hub lent him $100. bucks for a rebuilt one and told Doug to find his own way back because he had to get to work so he wouldn't be late. Doug managed to find a ride home and put the alternator in, but by that time it was freezing rain/sleeting again and too dangerous to come and get the kids. The next day he had to go to work early in the morning and arranged for a ride and Virginia came and picked them up by aroudn 9AM. Hunter made it to school, a little late, but at least he made it. Harley didn't have pre-school on Friday so she got to spend the rest of the day with Virginia, whom Harley says is one of her best friends.

The go to court on Feb. 15th, Virginia's birthday. I'm praying for a good resolution to this huge misunderstanding and hoping the judge is a compassionate man.


janeywan said...


How awful for you. I hate the effects alcohol can have on families!

Anonymous said...

((((Martie)))) Wow- So sorry for all the worry. I'll be sure to not ever drink whiskey.

We have rain and 44 for a low. I can't send our warmth up your way but I can send warm cyber hugs!

martie said...

janeywan and shawny sun ~ thank you both so much for your friendship and emotional support in all this drama. I think things will turn out okay...........he never hurt her or treathened her in any way, just broke the door down because she was keeping him for him children...for a very good reason as she thught he was going to try to drive them to my house. Just a huge misunderstanding. He goes to some kind of pre-trial meeting on Friday with a court appointed attorney and the prosecuting attorney...we are hoping it will be thrown out due to lack of actual violence against any person.

We are getting hit by yet another lake effect snow fall and are expecting another 2-4 inches by 11 PM. I was supposed to watch Drew last night and all activities were cancelled and then it was supposed to be tonight and that was cancelled............so who knows when they will hold it and when he will come and stay with his Mema again!

Hugs, my dear friends!