Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Today is Brian's 36Th birthday. With each passing birthday the kids have, I always wonder where the time has gone.

Wasn't it just yesterday that they were all small? And I was teaching them to say their alphabet and helping them tie their shoes? Picking them up when they tumbled from their bikes and kissing away the 'boo-boo'? When did they grow up? Wasn't I looking......and now they all have children of their own. And even they are growing faster than the speed of light.

The first born grand child is now a freshman in college. I say this as a tear slips from my eye and rolls down my cheek..........

Time goes by way too fast. Children and grand children don't remain small long enough! But I did enjoy my children and am still enjoying them and my grand children, so I guess I shouldn't get so maudlin over the passing years. They have been mostly good ones!


Lori said...

Time does pass by much too quickly. I wish I could just still it for awhile so I could savor each sweet moment.

Blessings to you this Thanksgiving, my dear friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Martie!

Time does fly. I cannot imagine my mom being 56. I know she can't imagine me being 36.

I wish Brian a very happy birthday!

Hugs to you Martie! :)