Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Health and Vacation

Well, I am recovering from pnumonia....again! Second time this year. Also recovering from an Endarterectomy surgery on the left side of my neck. That is pretty much healed up now. They have me scheduled for a parathyroid scan the beginning of September. Seems like my body is betraying me! Am planning on going on a cruise with my sisters the end of September so am hoping for complete recovery before then with nothing else going wrong that can't wait until we get back. We are taking the Carribean Princess to Mexico and will stop and see some of the Mayan ruins. Sounds like so much fun. Just the three of us visiting and laughing and just having a great time lounging around the different pools on the ship and walking around, maybe take in a spa or some of the night life. I understand there is a night theater where we can watch whatever movie is playing at the time. Also have our first great-grandchild due the 26th of this month. Very exciting thinking about being a great-grandma. We know it's a boy and Momma and Daddy will be living here when baby is born and will be bringing him home here. Can't wait to hold him in my arms and cuddle with him!

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