Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warmer weather.....

.....has arrived and I hope it stays.  The prediction for tomorrow is temps about the same, mid 60's but with rain and thunderstorms possible.  I don't mind the rain except that one of my dogs is afraid of the thunder.  And she knows it is coming as soon as it begins to rain hard.  That's when she decides she wants to hide in a quiet room with me next to her.  She is 9 and a half years old now and I seriously doubt that she will be outgrowing this fear anytime soon!  Her name is Prancer and here is a photo of her.       

She is a great dog and is good with all the grand kids. If she doesn't want to be bothered she will just find a place to hide from them.

Cocoa is also good with kids and since she still thinks she is a puppy (she's no longer considered a pup at 4 years old) she doesn't know when to quit playing. The grand kids usually tire of play before she does! Below is a photo of Cocoa when she was 3. She has a very shiny coat!

Both of the dogs love the outside weather we have today. Tom has taken them for a walk now, but earlier we sat outside and watched them play.

Going back outside to enjoy more of the nice weather!  If you are experiencing some great weather I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it too!


Anonymous said...

Bless Prancer's little heart! She's adorable. I can already tell you that if I were around, she would be my favorite. I can see it in her eyes. Not that I would not like Cocoa but the look on Prancer's face and eyes tell me her and I would understand one another.

We had a high of 82 yesterday and today is a repeat. Chance of thunderstorms on Friday - blah - I don't like thunderstorms.


urdu master said...

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