Thursday, January 27, 2011

The little things in life!

Like getting your braces off and only have to wear a retainer to sleep and can take it out to eat.........ah! Amber says it's the best! Or the meteorologists predicting a big snowfall and we only get a few flakes falling down while the sun is shining. My kind of days!

Had to call my PCP again last night.............more of those dang muscle spasms that come on so very quickly only refuse to leave as quickly as they come. His office called in another RX (I could open my own pharmacy)and mixed with the other meds I told them I had already taken they said to try this and if it didn't work and the pain was too much to go to the closest ER. Nice........I can have the big bills and he gets to go home to his family! I never know when one will strike me, but when they do, it's all over but the shouting. They usually happen in the middle of the night and I have to wake Tom up after I've tried everything the Doctor has told me to do and nothing is even touching the pain levels. So we have to get up and make a trip to the ER. They generally give me a shot that hurts almost as much as the spasms and send me on my way. The last few times I have just called my PCP and told him what was going on and he offered his advice freely over the phone. A much cheaper route to go!


janeywan said...

Hi Martie,

Knowing you get these can't the doctor give you meds that you can have on hand when it starts to raise it's ugly head.

Twice in my life I've had spasms that have cause me to hyperventilate in turn cause dehydration and then a trip to the hospital. They never had an answer for what was causing them, I always figure it has to do with my RA. I sorta can relate and boy or boy having a baby is nothing huh?

Anonymous said...

My grandmother has some sort of issue that causes sharp pains in her face. The pain comes on unexpectedly and she says it is horribly painful. The meds she takes puts her to sleep though. And she'll wait until the pain begins before taking a pill.

I'm very sorry that you have to endure such pain and cost of meds. Hugs!