Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Making up for my failure to take photos of Drew's 3rd birthday party..........I had my camera ready with fresh batteries for the little 'gremlins' tonight when they came to Mema's to 'trick-or-treat'! Of course, even if they had pulled a trick they still would have gotten a treat here! Mema's such an old softie!!!!

So here is a photo of Trenten dressed as a quad driver, Ty dressed as a pirate and Drew as a monkey (note the banana in his pocket)!

This one was sent to me by my daughter who lives in a different state. It is her three, all dressed as Power Rangers! Oldest (Darian -7), KeAira (5) and Cayden, (2) in January!


clew said...

Cuties! I love Halloween :)

Drew looks like he feels undignified in that shot - LOL

martie said...

Clew - Drew was trying to put his pumpkin down and high-tail it downstairs to find the box full of matchbox cars to play with.......he had enough of 'trick-or-treats' by the time he got to my house!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG those were such awesome pictures! They are all adorable. Hugs

janeywan said...

I feel so bad that I have not been around to comment. I read each time you make an entry. I'm so out of it most of the time when I find a chance to read and think, that I stay silent. Bad me.

Big hug back at ya! Know that I'm here.