Thursday, January 18, 2007

Right Up My Alley!

I'm a happy camper today. I have Drew here for a visit. Well, I guess I'm babysitting, but I like to think of it as he and I fitting a special visit in with each other and we don't have to share with anyone! How cool is that?

So far we have watched the movie "Over The Hedge" and "Cars" is now playing. I see he brought "Nemo" with him today too. I love kid movies. Good thing since those are the only ones I've watched in the last year or so! We also have all the toys that he likes out.....all over the family room floor. We'll clean it up when we're done playing......later rather than sooner!

Enough of this typing, I have to get on with more important matters like......DREW!


Janet C. said...

I love the name Drew. Have you been reading long enough to know it's my son's name? There's a story behind it that I should post about.

Anonymous said...

So much fun I see in that picture! Drew has a cool grandma!

Smalltown RN said...

Hey girl...

sounds like your having a wonderful time with Drew!! Awesome, let's chat soon ok